71. I let my kids do whatever they wanted all day, here is what happened

The other day I let my kids do whatever they wanted for a whole day. I called it Abundance Day. It was a day of me saying yes instead of no.  . .  because I am a mom who is saying NO a lot. 

I was solo parenting for a week and spent the first day being a parent who says yes, a step towards more abundant parenting.  Parenting from a place of abundance rather than withholding. Not that there is anything wrong with limits and withholding in the sake of teaching them skills and growing them into people who can manage frustrations and life – but sometimes I just want to shower them with YES and abundance with them earning it –  because God does not make us earn His abundance.  God gives us blessings and abundance in a variety of ways and I want them to experience the reality of that in a tangible way so they can also see it is true in how God provides for us. 



Abundance Day was very eye-opening in terms of how my kids chose to spend their time, the decisions they made and the lessons they told me they learned at the end of it.  

It was a good lesson for me too, to see where I can give them more freedom to make their own choices and to see where I can teach them some more skills to make better decisions. 

We did Abundance Day on the first day of my husband’s hunting trip, he was gone for a week.  I think it was a fun intro into my week of solo parenting. Also, over the years of him going on this trip, I’ve learned a few things that make this week a lot easier.

Four tips to prep for a week of solo parenting

  1. Plan what makes my life easier, especially meals. 
  2. Keep checking in with their feelings, because they have lots of em
  3. Have proactive conversations ahead of time
  4. Have fun with them


When I turned 38 last month I quietly told myself that I wanted to actively seek an abundance mindset in my life. I made this a birthday resolution for myself.  I want to focus on abundant parenting and I know that I will also be working on it in these areas too:

Areas of my life to practice an abundance mindset:

  1. In my work – taking my time with things I wish happened sooner and putting limits on how much I do, knowing what I do is enough
  2. In my time – taking time to slow down and enjoy my life and my people instead of saying ‘there isn’t enough time’
  3. In my relationships – focussing on nurturing the close relationships I have instead of feeling like all relationships need to be close – and just showing up in those relationships remembering that my friend’s love is abundant and I don’t have to earn it
  4. In my food – I’m the kitchen warden and I can see a ton of scarcity mindset around food and preparing it and conserving it. 



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