A Little Light

It is something I’ve been longing for in Western Canada, and when you long for something that isn’t there, sometimes that means you need to create it.

After lots of brainstorming….lots of prayer….lots of recruiting some talented, inspiring women to contribute….. here we are, getting ready to launch this new network. 

living-room-690174_1280WHAT IS IT ABOUT?

It’s about community

Above all else, people matter most. We need to get out of our online bubbles and be in community with one another. The internet is an amazing tool for that and lives have been changed by online communities. There also needs to be emphasis on IRL (in real life) relationships. We want to bring people together online and in real life with meets up and retreats. 

It’s about using your platform with purpose

We all have unique talents and skills. We all have a story to tell and our own way to tell it. We all have something that will help or inspire or entertain someone else. We want to help you find these dreams that God puts in your heart and listen to the voice that has something to say. We want to help you step out authentically, boldly and passionately with all your do online and offline. We want your story to become God’s story for you.

It’s about embracing your identity in Christ

We want you to grow in your knowledge of God’s grace and lovingkindness and give more of that away to others. We pray you will feel like the cherished daughter of God that you are. It’s about allowing your efforts to be an act of love to God, to bring Him glory. And maybe you are farther or closer to understanding how great that love is, and we are about that too. Its learning and leaning together.

It’s about practical social media.

If you are going to be online, you should be doing it well. It doesn’t mean you have to exhaust all your resources and be on every platform, with the constant aim of more traffic and followers. It does mean that you should always put your best work forward for the aim of glorifying God with your work.  We want to bring you practical tips and expert advice on how to use online media the best way possible.

women in community, friendsWHO IS IT FOR?

It is for all Christian Canadian women who have online lives. Whether you are a mom on Facebook, a recipe developer on Instagram, a mom blogger with toddler problems, a lifestyle guru, have an online store or a stylista on Youtube – this community is for you.

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