A Girlfriend’s Guide to Dirty Hair, Don’t Care

I’m not breaking any news here, moms don’t always get a daily hair washing in. So, yes I am proud of it! I have officially weaned my hair off of daily sudsings.
I haven’t gone completely NO ‘POO, but I am in the LESS ‘POO camp now. Hey, don’t scoff; it was hard work being a grease ball to acclimate to the new hair washing schedule! But who is laughing when I can get by four days without washing my hair? I mean I still shower! I just don’t get my hair wet.

I’ve learned that pushing the boundaries of oil production and shampoo trial and error also means finding some tricks to hiding the oily roots and revamping the dreary locks.

Here are my tips for hiding and styling your less than pristine hair….

[FULL DISCLOSURE: I know NOTHING about hair styling, I’m just a mom desperate to fit in more time doing things I like rather than spending time washing, drying and styling my hair each day.]

A Girlfriend’s Guide to Dirty Hair Don’t Care


People often comment on my hair always being ‘done’. But the reality is that I ‘do’ my hair once every three or four days.
After washing it (using Lush’s shampoo bar and conditioner) I apply a volumizer at the roots and give myself a blowout. Which is essentially me with a mess of clips and round brushes; the wish I were double jointed and the prayer I don’t get my hair sucked back into the vent end of the dryer. Anyone else have an irrational fear of having half your hair ripped out by a freak blow drying accident? It is right up there with choking on a carrot while you are home alone.
The result is big bouncy hair that the hubby never fails to comment on and to which I coolly respond “you know what they say about girls with big hair” and we both smile because we have no idea what the punch line is, but it’s probably scandalous.
Then I style my hair (either straighten or curl) and apply a finishing oil (I love this oil cause it is very light for my fine hair and makes it smooth and silky).
If you curl your hair on Day One, don’t be afraid to curl them A LOT so that as the days go on they loosen into nice waves.
More ‘style it once for days’ ideas: beachy waves, festival hair, long and straight for six days)


Dry Shampoo

They say a mom’s best friend is coffee…..or wine….but I propose more of a foursome of besties that includes dry shampoo and panty liners (just saying).  You can buy dry shampoo from the cheap to the gourmet salon price.
The key is to try a few to find one that works for your hair type and a smell that you like. I like Lush’s dry shampoo but almost always use the Batiste XL (it seems to add most volume to my fine hair. You can also make your own!
If you find using dry shampoo gives your hair a dull look, make sure to spray some shine spray on the ends of your hair (avoid adding shine to the roots).


You could also look at greasy roots as an opportunity….to accessorize. Headbands, head wraps, fedoras, whatever you wanna rock. They give the illusion that you planned on this colourful addition to your wardrobe of yoga pants and cardigan AND allow you to hide any oily roots you may have. (I only wear it one way, but here are some cute ways to wear a headband)


Keeping your hair clean from dirt, wind, and greases will prolong your need to wash those locks. If you slave over hot stoves of enchiladas and gluten-free waffles all week long like this poor mama then you have two options.  One, keep your hair down to soak up days’ worth of cooking vapours OR two, put it all out of the way in a headband and then remove the headband and let it topple playfully in slow-motion as you sit down to your dinner.  I think we know which choice is superior.


Depending on your hair type and the number of naps you snuck in your hair will be lacking the overconfident oomph you gave it on Day One. I don’t know what the ‘right’ way is to add volume into your hair but here are some ideas:

Spray It

Hair texturizer, volume spray, dry shampoo are all ways to pump up fine and limp hair

Dry blow out

After using your spray of choice, get that round brush and blow dryer out and give your dry hair a blow out of the roots


Let your muscles reflex back to their 80s exercise of teasing some life into your hair.


Spray your hair, maybe some light backcombing and throw in some big Velcro curlers right at the roots. This is the easiest way to add volume if you have time to saunter around your house like a 50s housewife. Be sure to add some red lipstick and slippers too.


If you have bangs, they tend to soak up the oils from your face. Throw all your hair into a headband and pull out just your bangs and give those a shampooing.
Keeping your face washed (or oiled, in my case) every morning and night can make a big difference in how oily the hair around your mug gets.
If you don’t have time to wash your bangs, which come on – it can be done in the bathroom sink. Still, you can also hide an oily bang by using dry shampoo, pinning it back, braiding it, or tucking it under a cute headband.


For some hair textures a little extra grease helps attain a beachy-wave look with curls that will hold together more naturally. Adding some waves are a great way to extend your dirty hair status. You can go the old-fashioned route and use a curling iron or even some headband curls or rock a sock bun one day and curls the next.

Since my hair is fairly short I use the flat iron. I spray on some Lush Sea Spray on dry hair and then curl a few pieces haphazardly with the flat iron.

So there you have my top tips on hiding your greaseball status 101.

How about you, do you have any time-saving tips for busy moms?!?


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