A Day That Ends in Seven Questions

Ever have a day that ends with more questions than answers? Yesterday was one of those days…..

1. Can I make the Baja Baked Black Beans in a slow cooker? 
2. Why does food gain instantaneous mass appeal to toddlers the minute a broom touches it? I mean, toddler brains can process that it is the EXACT SAME food that was in their plate moments before they threw it on the ground, right?!?

3. Have I finally found the portal to the rabbit hole housing all of my lost household items? If I magic school bus down this vent shaft will I have a joyous reunion with 4 pairs of baby nail clippers, 86 bobby pins, 17 teaspoons and my favourite strapless bra?

4. Where can I buy bulk quantities of baking soda and lavender oil to defend my home from the foul odour of man feet, little and old man feet that is?  

5. Will I ever be able to keep herbs alive?…. I will not let you go Basil!

6. Why have I never shredded meat like this before? 

7. Will I be destined to share my living quarters with adorable tiny nocturnal people who disagree when I tell them potty training is a life skill?

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