A Day In the Life of Canada’s Okayest Stay At Home Mom, Runner Up 2013

Ever wonder what the Day in the Life for the 2013 Runner Up of ‘Canada’s Okayest Stay at Home Mom’ is like?  Settle in friend, today you get to indulge all your queries. 
Will there be day drinking? Will there be a PINfail? Will her kids watch Netflix for four hours straight? How will she handle the parking lot meltdown? What will she make for dinner!?  Oh the suspense!!!

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Let me set the scene…
Parental Unit:
Shawna, caffeinated stay at home mom
Conor, hardworking husband and father

Small town BC

Adorable Offspring:
Levi, 32 months. Lenayah 16 months
1:45 am So the day ‘technically’ started at 1:45 am where someone *cough *Lenayah *cough* woke up to cry and chat for the next two hours. About once a month there are a couple days where both the kids are up in the middle of the night, seems I’m in the midst of that right now.  

4:00 am Hubby is up and off to work by 5am. He uses all fatherly-ninja skills to not wake up his family. Even if it means leaving trails of things throughout the house like shirts, deodorant, cottage cheese containers, he is quiet enough so we can all sleep so I’m not complaining.

7:15 am Levi slept in but even if it is an hour past normal wake up time I still wake up to “Me! Meee! insert random demand here!!!! Mee!” (My kids call me ‘Me’). Lenayah is up as well so rather than bring Levi into my bed till his sister is up we all get up for the day.

…and the demands for breakfast begin. I heat up some of yesterday’s gluten and dairy freepancakes on the toaster. Probably not safe but it works in lieu of our absent microwave.
Once I turn on the espresso machine there is a persistent request for ‘coco’ so I heat up some chocolate almond milk and add some marshmallows. Every morning is the same, Levi dips all his food in the coco and eats is while Lenayah chugs it all in one drawn-out red-faced breath(then asks for more. Of course).

Then there is some clean up, getting kids dressed and Sesame Street to distract Levi from squishing his sister while I get myself ready. It consists of me being followed around by Lenayah while I get dressed and finish my make up at my totally relaxing and beautifully curated vanity (aka a make up bag and mirror on top of the espresso machine). 

9:30 am Off to school we go (strong start). I think this is the best thing since Apple TV and I’m always telling other moms about it. It is a great way to get your kids out of the house; burning some energy; playing with other kids their age; learning in group settings; following directions from a teacher and it gives moms a reason to put on a bra and catch up with each other in a kid-friendly place.  Most of these kids will be going through the school system with yours and their parents will be familiar faces in your life, might as well get to know them now!

*I know it looks like we are all alone here, we were for a few minutes while everyone was at an assembly. Otherwise I tried to catch pictures of the kids without anyone else in the shot, incase they didn’t want to be broadcast across my blog. 

11:30am Leaving school is met with a level 6 meltdown interceded by my wonderful friend who saves the day and carries my son, her baby in a car-seat and a diaper bag to our vehicle.  There is bribery with chocolate, major side eye and some one-shoed kitchen tantrums before lunch is even on the table.

12:00 pm Once Lenayah is done lunch we cuddle on the couch for a bit then I put her down for a nap. She has become a super sleeper, considering our tumultuous past. Now I just sing her a couple songs, put her down and she babbles till she falls asleep. She has such adorable little discussions with herself that I sometimes videotape the video monitor with my phone and send it to Conor at work.

12:10 pm Levi is still eating lunch so I pep-talk myself into getting the dishes done because seeing them on the counter is a source of anxiety for me. Why do I hate them? Why don’t I just do them? Why can’t they make a nice tucked away box you can put them all in to hide them for a bit?! And maybe it could wash them too while they are in there, that would be genius!

12:25 pm Levi takes more to get down for a nap. It starts with watching Dora then we go to his room and he has to put all his toys ‘night night’ in his drawer. We read three books as we cuddle in his ‘closet fort’ and I serenade him with a couple rounds of a song. He has a tough life, I know. 

12:50 pm I tidy a little more and plunk down for some ‘me time’. Naptime is that unadulterated, self-indulgent, guilt-free time I devote all to doing what I want to do
I do minimal housework, this is my time.  Lately I will usually alternate between blogging, watching seacoast podcasts, or doing yoga in my sweats. 
On a good day I get about an hour to myself. 
Today is not one of those days….

1:30 pm Levi has been vocally adamant that he won’t be napping this afternoon so I bring him out for ‘quiet time’ and do some blog writing while he watches Cars and plays with his hot wheels.

2:00 pm  Lenayah is awake and ready to party.

2:30 pm The high-pitched incessant request for snack time kicks in and we all have a bite to eat. Which turns into rolling a potato across the table and watching the Cars movie on mute while I narrate a sub-plot line. Because #playmatters, or something like that.

3:00 pm I reapply my hippie LUSH deodorant and kick into housewife mode.  Laundry, dishes and some food prep. I turn on VEVO for some music and once Levi sees that home screen he asks for ROAR, so I let Katy Perry melt my kid’s brains then we move onto a dance party of female 90s pop artists (cause I can’t find any Dwight Yoakam on there! What’s up with that?!).  Levi remembers that there is a bug car kicking around the house which negates the need for him to walk anywhere and he rolls over to join Lenayah and I in some book reading.

4:15 pm Usually I’m prepping dinner at this time, but today we are heading to Sophie’s house. She is my sanity-saving, sister-mom and we often host a dinner for each other when our husbands (who work together) are at work (as they usually miss dinner).  She makes some of her awesome homemade pizza topped with fresh avocados. Levi searches through the pink wall of girl’s toys until he rises triumphant with a hot wheels in hand. It is a magical moment for men everywhere. The night is topped off with a toddler hoe-down, pajamas, popcorn and a movie.

6:50 pm The ‘dads’ are home (they carpool). It is a treat to have Conor home before 7pm as he often is working later than this, and I get into the mindset that I’m on my own for his four-day shifts. I’m always grinning when he gets home before the kids are in bed. Mostly because of how excited they are to see each other. When the dads walk in the door there are giggles and squeals; sentences are rushed out full of the day’s discoveries; floor parties in the kitchen and Sophie and I split a palm bay we found in the fridge. It’s a pretty amazing evening if you ask me.

7:30 pm We get home and get the tired kids to bed. I realize there are some unidentifiable stains on my clothes that I decide to declare as ‘banana stains’.

7:45 pm Conor and I try to spend some time together every night. Tonight we have a late snack in our PJs and catch up on some things we haven’t had the chance to talk in about. File this under ‘Keeping the Spark Alive’. 
8:30pm Conor heads to bed early because he works tomorrow. I take some time and download the day’s pictures (I took WAY too many) onto my laptop and catch up on reading some bloglovin.
9:30 pm  Then I have a date with a bath bomb and candles. This is the season of my life when I don’t sneak showers into the morning routine but have them each night instead. Then I do rounds through the house tidying up, sending off some emails, stalking my favourite moms on instagram, peeking in on the kids.

MOM MOMENT! I think when my kids are grown I will always remember peeking in on them before I go to sleep. Seeing their soft eyelids, curled up legs, and smooshy face surrounded in heavy deep breaths.  I cover them up with blankets and let my heart take a little Polaroid of this blameless unique tiny person who is ‘on loan’ to me (as my Grandma says).

 11:30 pm How do you finish your night off, just as you are falling asleep? I do a crossword puzzle until my eyes are heavy. As you can see I am rocking this one, all that late night crossword puzzling and googling weird things is paying off. 
I curl up onto my supportive ultra-firm pillow, warm in my fuzzy socks with my snoring husband starfished beside me. It was a good day. . . . .

……… 6:09 Am ‘Meeee! I hungeeee! Meee! Me!’
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  1. Thanks for the love ladies.
    I’m glad there was something reassuring in there for you Brianna lol.
    We moms gotta stick together Heather!
    I live for those polaroid moments – they get me through the poop-coated ones.
    That’s a good idea Kerstin, I will do that when they are teens too – to make sure they are in their beds too!
    Thanks Megan, just another unsafe mom-hack 🙂
    Thanks Angie! You were the inspiration!
    It feels full you when you have to write it all down eh Salma. Otherwise I sit there at the end of the night wondering how I spent the day!
    Hey Carolyn, you could do another post in a couple months with pics 🙂 I’m sure life will be a little different as it always is with babies.
    Heck to the YEAH BROOKE!


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