Motherhood Through Instagram {#instamomclub}

There was a time when new moms lived in neighbourhoods, homes, and communities filled with other moms. There was a sisterhood. Spare hands to rock the babes, extra plates to stretch the family dinner, stories to entertain, advice to encourage tired eyes. Lodes were lightened with a good cry over a glass of wine or laughs over too much coffee.

Many of us now live away from our families. Our neighbourhoods may be isolated or host to families who are out of the kid game. Or maybe we just haven’t put ourselves out there to find some great mom besties. Many of us turn to technology to find this maternal sorority. It’s been said that in our day and age life is being lived online (and you know I’m not even a little bit sorry about being online).   
How has this impacted motherhood? Maybe there is a lot more TMI Facebook status updates on potty training. We all know CityVille isn’t getting any smaller.  And our news feed is most definitely a cascade of way too many pictures of our friends’ adorable and charming children. Look at these seven pictures of my daughter with a floppy hat on! Only a mom can spot the differences between these seven, but the world needs to see them aaalllllll! Yup, I’m guilty too! But really, look at my adorable and charming children!

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