God is Not Safe

I believe in God. That statement will turn you off, intrigue you or make you feel indifferent. Lately I’ve been reading a lot of opinion pieces on what a turn … Read more

Week Four of #moms30for30

Well, week four! Here it is in all it’s timer cam glory! Today’s #moms30for30 to crash a friend’s for brunch. Cohosts: @SalmaDinani @pinkchai @taslimjaffer @west_coastmama pic.twitter.com/cFmG1d5KMm — Shawna (@shawnadovetail) November … Read more

These Are Good Podcasts

So in my free time (read: the thirty minutes from 11pm to 1130pm that I spend all alone steeping in a hot epsom salt bath) I like to listen to … Read more