15 Signs You Might Be A Mom Martyr {Post on BLUNTmoms}

Find me at BLUNTmoms writing about how to know if you are a Mom Martyr.
Mar-tyr: a constant sufferer
Mom Mar-tyr: Makes motherhood harder than it needs to be, and makes sure everyone knows it. 
Excerpt from 15 Signs You Might Be A Mom Martyr
From the day you change your personal occupation to full time “Mom,” you might feel instantly banished to the world of ‘boring and domesticated.’  The label ‘Mom’ (especially Stay at home Mom) also comes with the ‘ Least Interesting Person in the Room’ award.  
Society undermines the value of moms and we start believing it. Some of us think that if we can show how difficult the job is, if we let ourselves get buried under motherhood, we can show our family or society how valuable we are. We are those destined to fall into a hole we’ve dug ourselves and become Mom Martyrs….. READ FULL POST HERE

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