No Baby Bullet, No Problem

My son was a tenacious eater. He would paw handfuls of mashed food and mow down on almost anything we gave him. We would just sit back eating along with him, enjoying the show while arcs of avocado would splatter onto the floor.
Baby Girl was much more dedicated to maintaining high standards around food types and textures. She wanted a velvety puree fed to her with two spoons.  So, in an effort to push her toward some more independent meal times I’ve been playing around with textures. If you have a finicky eater, like she has been, I wanted to share with you this trick that worked for us….The garlic press.

I keep some cooked veggies and fruit in the fridge, take some pieces out and push them through the garlic press. To make the texture more smooth you could add some hot water or apple sauce. Or you could add some grains (rice cereal, quinoa, oats, etc.). Then add some spices and Baby Girl is digging in. I know you might be thinking, ‘Just use a fork’, but I’ve found this to be the quickest and easiest way at getting even harder veggies a consistent mashy texture. Plus it transports me back to my childhood, watching that commercial on TV for that toy that made play-do into spaghetti, or crazy hair. Man, I wanted that toy so bad.

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