My MUST HAVE iPHONE APP for Meal Planning {Geeky Mamas Unite}

Two words MEALBOARD APP!  
I want to thank my good friend FLO for introducting this appto me. He uses it to plan meals for large groups of students he’s training onkayaking and rafting trips. (He also has a great blog called VITALFLOW onhealthy living and eating ).
Here is the app in a nutshell:
  1. Enter your family’s favourite recipes and ingredients
  2. Choose what you want to eat for the week
  3. Bring up the grocery list (Wait. What’s that? it’s automatically generated for you? Yes, yes it is! And sorted by grocery section?!? You bet!)
  4. Check off the food items that you have at home
  5. Go to the store (don’t forget those reusable bags)
  6. Check off the groceries as you put them in the cart
  7. Brag to the seniors in the produce aisle about how well organized andtechnologically advanced you are
  8. Repeat as desired

You will initially spend quite some time entering the mealsand ingredients but it pays off.  Ilike to go through my cookbooks from time to time and enter more recipes.
You can even load some meal plans for the week and save them astemplates to pull up and use when you can’t quite think of what to make for theweek. 

Stay tuned for another post coming shortly on menu planning and some tips that have worked for our family. 

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