mmm…STEAK {The BEST Marinade & Leftover Ideas}



Time to share some love to that wonderful amazing cut of meat, STEAK.
Now, we rarely buy meat – I have wonderful in-laws with a small farm who stock our freezer and we eat vegetarian a lot. So every few months Husband has had enough of beans and he splurges on a really nice cut of meat.  It is such a treat so we want to make every bite worth it. In fact, I am sitting here enjoying a toasty, cheesey sandwich with the left over steak and I couldn’t resist the urge to share this marinade recipe with everyone that has changed our steak experience!
Last night for dinner Husband made us steak and veggie kabobs.  He googled recipes for marinade and came across the Best Steak Marinade in Existence on All Recipes. Two words about this marinade:It is!
No matter how you like it, an overcooked steak is waste of good meat! Get schooled up on proper griling and you will pat yourself on the back once that beautiful meat comes off the grill. Your husband will compliment your culinary prowess…. all the neighbours will drool with envy over the BBQ aroma emanating from your yard… soon the word will spread of your seasoning skills and flipping technique…. master chefs will think you are amazing! Send you friend requests!  Shower you with trinkets and praise!!! (no?….too far?… bad.)

Also, if you happen to have leftovers or are looking to stretch this wonderful steak over to other dinners, check out these ideas from Voula Halliday

Spicy Beef & Cauliflower Stuffed Baked Potatoes, by Voula Halliday
 — Affordable Cuts —
Also check out these nine affordable cuts of beef:

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