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The thought of constantly buying rice cereal and baby food put me off. Maybe cause I’m cheap. Maybe cause I don’t trust the baby food industry to safely provide my baby what it needs better than I can with raw ingredients (though there are some really great products out there I have to admit).  I just wonder how babies were fed solids say 75 – 100 years ago? I’m sure they ate what the family ate. That sounds easy to me! Well, things have changed. Now you have to slowly introduce ingredients and monitor your bambino for any adverse allergic reactions. It’s a long process to get them to the point where they are eating with the family.

Here has been my approach…..
Start with
Avocado, Banana, Yams
Add some more flavourful foods
Melons, Peaches, Turnips, Squash
Add some herbs and spices
Cinnamon, Ginger, Garlic, Basil
Add some grains
Rice, Cous Cous, Quinoa
Add some protein
Beans, Lentils, Fish, Meat
Mix & Match to find baby’s favourite combinations

Now that my son is 9 months and tried most solid foods I could think of for him I like to always keep a fruit, veggie, grain and protein in the fridge. I’ll feed him in different combinations with different herbs and spices. 

If you are like me and had some troubles of thinking WHAT to even feed baby, check out this printable I put together on solid food suggestions:

Download here

World Health Organization recommends that parents wait til baby is six months old to start them on solids – this ensures their little digestive system is up and running and ready to take on food. 


What solid foods do you prefer to start with when feeding baby?   Pin It Pin It

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