Birth Photos (Image of the Year)

Did you have a birth photographer? It’s kind of a ‘thing’ now.
My wonderful sis took pics and I cherish them, but there are a few frames of my labour and deliveries where I’d prefer to have Momnesia about.
Either way, I was just checking out the photos in the competition for the 2012 Image of the Year by the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers. (competition is closed by the pics are up)
There are a lot of photos, but I looked through them and felt so moved. Like I could never endure labour and delivery, not one more time – and at the same time I would embrace it without a fleeting hesitation. It’s confusing. Ugh, my uterus.
Check out these photos. I promise some will bring tears (of joy, horror, laughter, sadness, compassion).

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