30 Reasons My Life Is Better at 30

Today is my birthday. 

I’m freaking 30! 

Everyone is saying what a big deal it is – asking how I feel about being 30. I recently read a post by Simple Mom about turning 35 and want to honour it with my own list of 30 great things about being 30. 


1. I don’t spout my mouth in anger only to regret my words (I write a letter instead and then decide not to send it)

2. I am wiser in my life decisions (live and learn, it’s a saying for a reason)

3. I’ve learned the insight to read why people are they are the way they are and it’s made me love them more (especially my family)

With my parents on my 19th Birthday

4. I’ve realized the shame and embarrassment I felt in myself was self-imposed and I could live beyond those feelings

Birthday #5!

5. I read . . . for fun

6. I understand math.. . . . nope this is a lie. . . . how about this. . . .I TRY to understand math

I was colour blocking before colour blocking was cool

7. I listen more and talk less (unless you feed me the good coffee in which case I’m a rambling, sweaty mess)

8. I don’t get loser pissed. I get day drunk instead, cause I’m old, and a mom, and it’s great to be in bed by 9pm.

9. I’m a better friend because I can embrace their differences and open up my circles instead of surrounding myself with people most like me. 

Baby Me and My Mama

10. I’m confident in who I am (and I KNOW who I am)

ABOVE. Hubby with Baby Girl. BELOW. My cool son is IN YO FACE

11. I’ve got two adorable, healthy little ninos that I get to be a stay at home mom to (what! what!)

12. I’m a better wife and partner to an awesome man. 

13. I now fight fair rather than power struggle – after all we are on the same team (TEAM AWESOME LOVEFEST FOREVUH!)

Shopping for Popples

14. I am content with what I have – I no longer put pressure on myself (and my husband) to have all the things I want right away – I’ve become realistic about what and when things can be obtained and done

15. At 21 I started learning to cook to impress a boyfriend, he became my husband and he’ll say I’m one of the best cooks. 

16. After 8 years with my husband and I’m having the best sex of my life (yup, I went there!)

Our first date (2004)

17. I dress way way better than in my 20s

Portland Honeymoon (still working on getting hubby NOT to wear boots and socks with shorts, maybe by 35!)

18. I’ve learned that our feelings aren’t always rational and it’s changed how I handle my emotions (Lesson #1. You CAN control your emotions rather than them controlling you)

19. The futons and tv trays of my youth are long gone and I’m surrounded by (mostly) grown up furniture that I like (and isn’t held together by staples and duct tape)

A picnic dinner with ‘my boyfriend’  AKA the Hubby (2004)

20.I have dealt with my shit that was holding me back in life (and I think EVERYONE should go to counseling)

Little Me

21. I’ve had a VBAC!!

Birth of baby girl

22. I’m more active and healthier

Fishing a 40lb salmon (too bad I’ve never landed one yet)

23. I’ve gotten darn good at my job (even if it’s on hold to raise the kids)

24. I feel surrounded by great friends who make my life better (and I’ve had the guts to let go of the not so great ones)

My awesome friend

25. I’m smarter with my money (and if I’m falling weary I watch a til debt do us part marathon)

26. I’m proud of my body (stretch marks and all, this body MADE two beautiful babes and brought them into this world!)

27. I don’t worry and stress, I put it in God’s hands and know that he will fill me with the grace, humility, patience, energy and wisdom to get through anything that comes my way

That day we dressed up really nice, promised our lives to each other and got loaded with our friends and family    


28. I realize the value in pursuing things that are only attainable and sustainable in my life (this is why I’ll never go to the gym….because I’ll never keep going to the gym!)

29.  I’ve been honest about my pain, forgiven those who have hurt me and forgiven myself for the stupid things I’ve regretted

30. I’m assertive and I won’t hesitate step up to say the truth. . . . when it NEEDS to be said and WHO it needs to be said to

When I think about it all, there is so much freedom in being 30. I think it is because you don’t feel like you have anything to prove to anyone. You are more confident in who you are, you will speak up for what you want and you can cope with what comes your way. 

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