2012 Highlight Reel

Many years of my life pass with idleness, distinguished by events such as moves, vacations, weddings. This year was different, it was a year that dissolved all my notions and plans and rebuilt them in mysterious ways.

I watched my baby grow into a little boy
Bittersweet and relieving at the same time. That smiling face with feet kicking as you tickled him at any whim.  You could carry and plop him all about and he would just play with any toy around.  Now he’s a little boy with a dirty face who pushes away your kisses, shouts NO to every question you ask and tear your house apart. He’s also learning the art of being ‘man-sick’ and when he’s not feeling well there is no comfort like a mama. 

Stood up to honour the vows of marriage for some amazing people
When you see two people committed to the vows they are making, it truly makes you proud to stand along side them and make the promise with them that you will support and respect their marriage.  Love is the most powerful bond – once we learn to accept it. 

Welcomed our baby girl by VBAC 
I need to write a post on this. I used so much of my thinking time and energy devising how I was going to accomplish a VBAC, determined to fight the odds and man did it ever change my views on delivery. 

Joined the TWO under TWO club
My floors are always messy, I’m usually holding a child at all times and I am endlessly tired. We wanted kids and we got em! That’s all I have say about that

Re-learned how to be a parent (to an inconsolable baby)
Baby girl had reflux/esophagitis – and for the first five months of her life I was confused, exhausted, embarrassed and heart broken over trying to determine what was wrong and how I could comfort my baby. It definitely has changed the proud views I had on parenting.     

Began to eat dairy, gluten and egg free
This has been the ticket that has made a difference for baby girl. Let’s just say Mama’s been HANGRY more than she would like. Takes a lot of research, prep and creativity to completely change the way you eat. At the end of the day its always nice to change a routine.  And as I’m throwing my a failed batch of rice bread into the trash I try to find the value in my angst – ‘this is the art of motherhood’. 

This was also the year I got closer to some great women in my life. Truly awesome women, who keep me in their hearts and minds when I turn down yet another invite because I can’t leave my baby (she won’t take a bottle).  I’ve also learned the sadness of  losing a friendship  I thought I would have for my life. It feels like a betrayal to see a heart you’ve memorized and cared about for so long shift into a dark place. 

Fell of the blogging planet
I had grand plans for my blog. Someone had other plans of how I should spend my time though (no names, ahem, baby girl!).  During this hiatus I’ve started to dissect the mom blogging world – I see formulas and repeats in fonts, posts, pictures – and I realized I was headed down that path of being like every other blogger out there.  So this break has made me stop and redefine my mission.  I’m not gonna write to get more followers, more pins, more tweets. I’m just gonna write what I enjoy talking about – what I find funny and interesting and beautiful.  Because I really do enjoy blogging, sharing pictures, hearing your comments and emails. I don’t have a ton of followers but I have some great ones!

Began to strive for more than mom jeans (or pajama pants for that matter!) 
Too many moms lose their sense of self worth let alone fail to see the value in their motherhood. I’m striving to find beauty and unison in these two things. Not sure the path to take, but I’m pretty sure it starts with wearing things that you love (or at least putting on a bra each day) and taking the time to feel like you have your best self forward. 

So YEAH, I’m feeling all deep and reflective tonight – I’ve even been penning some poetry (like a bad ass!).  But I’ll get to what this post was supposed to be… 


The Family Binder {You Better Orguhnize FOO!}

The Great 80s Reno {Painting the Red Brick Fireplace}

White Rice Cereal Baby Food MEETS THE Whiteout Campaign

The Great Canadian Mobile Home Reno {The First Pancake} — and to those of you asking about the follow up post, I haven’t forgotten – it is on my to do list (right after getting a bikini wax and reading the past four months of magazines waiting on my bed side table)

Sanitizing Toys With Vinegar? Tips & What You Should Know

Low Glycemic Eating {Why It Is Important For You & Your Family}

Please Don’t Take the Cheese {Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy}

Green Chicken {Avocado Lime Chicken}

Pregnant With Number Two {How Things Seem Different}

Ham & Egg Cups {Quick & Easy Easter Breakfast}

30 Reasons My Life is Better at 30

Who Is in The Delivery Room With You?

Thanks for all your LOVE in 2012!!!

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