What happens if I try to make my life more simple?

What happens if I try to live my life on purpose?


Stick around if you have been asking these questions . . . .

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  • I Switched to Android and Now I Don’t Know Life

    How did this happen? I need to retrace my steps that led to this decision. The reason why  I said ‘Goodbye’ to my iPhone I think it had something to do with too many grainy dark photos, and sobbing over deleted apps as I would consistently run out of storage. And it definitely had something to […]

  • What Happened I Instagrammed My Own Life Instead of My Kids’

    Whether or not we realize it, we are all ‘influencers’. We are all sharing stories, pictures, articles, life and advice on a daily basis from our phones. We are all wired to ‘live out our days’ with this online component and the grand scheme of all our posts and stories have a theme to them. […]

  • Finding Happiness In the Everyday (#theperfectmomentsproject)

    For years I have done this little thing called ‘perfect moments’.  As a mom it became and even bigger part of my every day life. A while ago I had told my bestie about it and she recently told me that she had started it too and that it has changed her whole outlook. Don’t be thrown […]

  • How to Bullet Journal (Mom Style)

    When I heard about bullet journaling I think I shouted out loud, ‘it IS a thing!?’ Because I had been doing it for years without realizing it. You probably have to. Here is how you know if you are a bullet journaler in hiding: Do you keep lists? Or are you, as I like to […]